FM Progress Indicator

FM Progress Indicator


Product Type: Apps
Price: Free
Last updated: 05/01/2020
Language: English
The tool you need to implement nice looking progress indicators in FileMaker

Are you too always struggling with creating nice looking progress elements in FileMaker to show the user the status of the current task? Well, look no further!

FMProgressIndicator will provide you with the right tools you need to implement such a progress element in FileMaker that is supported on all platforms! All it requires is some basic knowledge on FileMaker. If you have some basic knowledge on Bootstrap this will help you in making full use of the formatting options.

Progress indicators?
We all know that, whenever we are running a long task, the best practice is to inform the user about this. For a task that runs longer than 1 second, it’s best to use an indicator. This way the user always has feedback that the app is still working and performing the task.


  • Web based progress indicators
  • Custom configurator to style the indicator to your personal flavor
  • Easy to integrate
  • Cross platform

System requirements:

  • FileMaker Pro 18 to create and style your own progress indicator
  • Compatible with FileMaker Pro 18, Go 18 & WebDirect


Visit our Medium article

Add-on for FileMaker Server Admin Console

Add-on for FileMaker Server Admin Console


Product Type: Apps
Price: Free
Last updated: 04/21/2022
Language: English
A little add-on to manage the 'missing' settings in the FileMaker Server 18 Admin Console

In version 17 FileMaker Inc., redesigned the FileMaker Server Admin console to be more lightweight and provide a streamlined user interface for easier administration of your custom apps. Redesigning means making choices. So some advanced settings are no longer available via the admin console. Most of this features are available via the brand new FileMaker Admin API for FileMaker Server 18.


This little Add-on let you manage this ‘missing” features via an easy-to-use user interface:

Server Settings

  • Limit number of FileMaker Pro client connections
  • Maximum number of Simultaneous Script Sessions
  • Maximum number of Files to Host
  • RAM Reserved for Database Cache

Security Settings

  • Require Password-protected Databases

PHP Technology

  • Enable PHP Publishing
  • Use FileMaker Server-supported version of PHP
  • PHP Pre-valdation, Language and Encoding Settings

XML Technology

  • Enable XML Publishing

Open Source and Free

This free tool, written for FileMaker Pro 17 and Go, is completely open-source under the GNU license.

It is developed by the FM Connection team. FM Connection, a division of Lesterius, provides managed dedicated FileMaker hosting and co-manages the FileMaker instructure of your custom apps, including FileMaker Cloud.

Free download

This version is compatible with FileMaker Server 18 and FileMaker Server 17 (Trail Admin API)

System requirements

  • FileMaker Server 18 with FileMaker Admin API
  • FileMaker Pro 18 Advanced or FileMaker Go 18
  • FileMaker Server 17 with FileMaker Admin API trial
  • FileMaker Pro 17 Advanced or FileMaker Go 17

myFMApiLibrary for PHP

myFMApiLibrary for PHP


Product Type: Extensions
Price: Free
Last updated: 04/21/2022
Language: English
myFMApiLibrary for PHP is a REST client library for PHP that allows you to quickly and easily integrate the FileMaker Data API into new projects

myFMApiLibrary for PHP was built by the development team of Lesterius, in order to interact with the FileMaker Data API and facilitate faster integration into your new projects.

With this REST client library you have access to all the features of the FileMaker Data API without needing to build your own cURL request.


  • Support for Composer
  • Capability to create, read, update and delete
  • Authentication with credentials or oAuth
  • Setting global fields
  • Uploading files to container fields

What’s new in version 2.0?

Update from July 2019

  • FileMaker Server 18 support
  • Get server metadata information
  • One-shot script execution
  • Record duplication
  • Refactoring code


  • Readable for every PHP developer
  • No need to build your own cURL commands
  • Easy to implement into your own projects
  • Installation through Composer
  • Independent of third-party libraries

System requirements

  • FileMaker Server 18
  • PHP 7.1 or higher
  • PHP cURL extension
  • PHP mb_string extension

Open Source and Free

myFMApiLibrary for PHP is a free and open-source project under the GNU license.


The documentation is available on Github

Check out the new FileMaker 18 Data API Postman collection and feel free to contribute to its development!

FM Data Migration

FM Data Migration


Product Type: Apps
Price: Gratuit
Last updated: 01/27/2020
Language: English
FMDataMigration facilite la migration avec l’outil de ligne de commande de migration de données FileMaker

Avec l’outil de ligne de commande de migration de données FileMaker, vous pouvez migrer toutes les données d’enregistrement et les comptes d’utilisateurs d’un fichier source au format FileMaker Pro 12 (FMP12) vers un fichier cible. Mais les outils de ligne de commande peuvent être difficiles à utiliser.

FMDataMigration est un outil open source gratuit, écrit dans FileMaker Pro 17 Advanced, qui facilite la migration des données avec l’outil de ligne de commande FileMaker et permet d’automatiser entièrement le processus pour vous.

Avec cet outil pratique, vous vous n’aurez plus besoin de vérifier attentivement tous les tableaux importés et les numéros de série qu’ils contiennent lorsque vous migrez toutes les données et les comptes d’un environnement vers un autre.


  • Aperçu des options configurables
  • Résumé des résultats et tableaux de résultats
    • Source (chemin, compte/mot de passe, clé de description)
    • Clone (chemin, compte/mot de passe, clé de description)
    • Cible (chemin cible)
    • Options (écraser, ignorer la liste de valeurs, ignorer le compte, ignorer les polices, journalisation détaillée)
  • Barre de progression de la durée
  • Rapport détaillé
  • Avertissements et alertes d’erreurs

Open source et gratuit

Cet outil gratuit, écrit dans FileMaker Pro 17 Advanced, est entièrement open source sous la licence GNU.

Téléchargement gratuit

Cliquez ici pour le télécharger (le journal des modifications est inclus avec le téléchargement)


  • Interface graphique facile à utiliser
  • Pas besoin d’utiliser la ligne de commande
  • Open source
  • Rapport d’erreur étendu


Pour en savoir plus sur FMDataMigration, veuillez consulter notre article sur Medium ici.

Configuration système requise

  • FileMaker Data Migration tool
  • FileMaker Pro 17 Advanced
  • Full access user account or an account with the “fmmigration extended privilege” (with the option for verbose logging not available)
  • BaseElements Plug-in (free plugin)