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Guten Tag, wir sind Lesterius.

We are excited to announce one more dot on the Lesterius map!
In fact, since April this year, we are proud to count Adrian Nier as a new Lesterius Partner. Adrian will join and represent Lesterius in Germany, based out of Nürnberg, Bavaria.

Adrian combines a vast technical knowledge with a pragmatic and analytical eye. Plus, he’s an Apple man…

“In my eyes Apple products reflect a quality that amazes and inspires me every day. I also live this carefulness, determination and sustainability as a developer and human being. Since 2001, I have been crafting solutions for companies and private clients that make Apple’s devices a beloved tool and complex tasks a pure pleasure.”

Adrian and the entire Lesterius team are looking forward to meeting you in Nurnberg once the current COVID restrictions allow so.

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