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Gràcies per posar-se en contacte amb nosaltres

Li respondrem al més aviat possible.

Mentrestant, si ens ha proporcionat una adreça electrònica vàlida, hauria d’haver rebut un correu electrònic amb la informació que ens ha enviat.

For more information, check our services

Consultancy Our digital experts can work with you to optimise your operations. We create the digital, customized solutions to help you to become more efficient. Read more
Training We help your people to optimise their use of FileMaker. With different programs, there’s always some training for your people that use or maintain the FileMaker applications. Read more
Hosting Do you want us to take care of your servers, or do you want your software to run on our servers? We have different options, to cater for your needs. Read more