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Online training
FileMaker Fundamentals - online training

During this 6 hour online training you will get an introduction into the development of a FileMaker Pro Advanced application. You will learn to configure a simple database application, and how to add a graphical interface. All basic principles are covered.
The focus is on the use of layout objects.
As a novice developer, you master the basic principles of database configuration, adjustments to tables, fields, layouts and reports.

In practice

  • Convert Excel files to FileMaker databases
  • Create and configure a database solution
  • Configure your application and create tables and fields
  • Create a simple interface

What you will need to attend this training

  • FileMaker Pro 18 advanced installed on Windows or macOS (demo or complete version)
  • A high speed internet connection.

Goal audience
This training is intended for people who want to make a simple solution in FileMaker Pro Advanced. Alternatively, those who would like to implement some simple, functional changes to their own FileMaker Pro Advanced application. Lastly, individuals who want a better understand how their FileMaker application is built, but who have no ambition to become a FileMaker developer.

To participate in this training, you must at least be able to work with the basic functions of FileMaker Pro Advanced.

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