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We are innovators.
We are problem solvers.

Together, we create solutions that improve the way you work.

Workplace innovation

Your company. Our focus.

Lesterius is a team of digital experts working with FileMaker. This is the platform our consultants use to solve your problems, to optimize your production or administration and to reduce the cost of your stock, … This is where we start from: your company, your needs, your wishes.

Workplace innovation or digital transformation are not just big words, in the hands of our consultants the advantages for you are real. Together with you, we analyze, we decide, we create and we implement.

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My company needs help with

Consultancy Our digital experts can work with you to optimise your operations. We create the digital, customized solutions to help you to become more efficient. Read more
Training We help your people to optimise their use of FileMaker. With different programs, there’s always some training for your people that use or maintain the FileMaker applications. Read more
Hosting Do you want us to take care of your servers, or do you want your software to run on our servers? We have different options, to cater for your needs. Read more

Get to know us

Dennis Ariëns
Digital Transformation Consultant
Jasper Schoonackers
Consultant, Claris Hosting and Cloud Specialist
Florian Guilbert
Consultant, Claris Hosting and Cloud Specialist
Time and energy saver
A modernised and more accessible vision of auction sales
Lucie-Eléonore Riveron
Co-Founder FauveParis
Every change in our database shows up on our website. It's a great time and energy saver which is much appreciated by our clients.