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FileMaker Cloud & Claris Connect

With Claris Cloud services you can bring your custom apps and workflow automation to the cloud. Whether you want to create a flow on Claris Connect or host your solution in Claris FileMaker Cloud, Lesterius knows how to help you with onboarding and configuration.

We give honest and substantiated advice in choosing between hosting in Claris Cloud, your own infrastructure or at Lesterius managed hosting platform.

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Claris FileMaker Cloud

Claris FileMaker Cloud is the cloud-hosting service offered directly by Claris. We advise you on the best license options, help you with the initial setup and provide support in your own language. Our consultants can audit your existing solution to check that it is ready for FileMaker Cloud and help you out with the setup of the security.

Claris FileMaker Cloud offers a wide range of option, we’ll make sure you get the most of them. 

Claris ID

Claris ID is the integrated sign-on system for the Claris platforms. It authenticates Claris Connect users and users of FileMaker custom apps hosted by FileMaker Cloud. These users can be managed in the Claris Customer Console.
We can help you setup and onboard users to your team.


Claris Connect

Claris Connect is a cloud-based integration platform that allows you to create entire workflows by connecting web applications. Claris Connect is built on the concept of flows, used to automate everyday business tasks and processes. For example, you can create a flow that automatically updates the status of your project in your FileMaker solution and notifies your team in Slack, when you receive a signed purchase order in DocuSign.
If you want to start integrating your favourite cloud services and create efficient workflows, our consultants are ready to assist.

The power of automated workflows

It’s a cloud-based integration service that allows you to bring your everyday apps together to create powerful automated workflows. Manage sales leads, track customer service tickets, facilitate orders, and more.

Now you have the ability to orchestrate your business processes for digital transformation. What makes Claris Connect unique and powerful, compared other integration services, is the ability to easily create custom flows that connect to cloud and on-premise apps.