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Our approach

Our approach is simple, do what’s right for the customer. No self-serving agendas, no empty promises. In fact, our team is incentivized to deliver value. We’re squarely focused on how to solve problems and we aren’t satisfied until we have.


We thrive on simplifying complex workflows.
At Lesterius, we respect your decisions and investments. Unlike others, we don’t expect you to adapt to off-the-shelf software. Just the opposite. We adapt to you by combining your people, your technologies, and your data in a single workflow to maximize your resources.

Lesterius employee consulting


We transform businesses  by creating and implementing digital solutions that help employees work more simply and productively, solve problems creatively and by co-creating solutions with a shared purpose. We strive to touch hearts and move businesses. Our passion is to transform goals into action. We partner with clients to anticipate the future and long term success of organisations.

For us co-creation implies sharing ideas and improving them together. To develop great solutions we gain an understanding of your business context and what your needs are. During the development process we are in close contact and call upon each other to reflect on new ideas and challenges. The goal is to approach issues from a new perspective and come away with better solutions and processes.

2 ways we can collaborate

Every company is unique. So is every collaboration. We are your partner on your journey to digital transformation and we offer two ways of collaboration.


Project partnership

For solutions which we’ll co-create from scratch, we approach development in iterative “sprints” – typically scheduled in two-to-three-week increments. This approach allows us to be intentionally flexible and deliver value as quickly as possible.

Depending on your business priorities, we may iterate through a number of sprints before deploying your software, or we may continually roll out new features at the end of each sprint.

Before each sprint begins, we define a to-do list – a task breakdown – and complete necessary design work. This may involve wireframes, technical specifications, estimates or other vital details.

There are always questions that come up, so we’re in regular communication with you and your team throughout.



For smaller projects, or for ongoing support of an existing solution, we manage your work through a queue of tasks, ordered by priority.

How the Task-based Approach Works

    • Choose the hours that make sense for your budget.
    • Manage a list of tasks and assign their priority.
    • We’ll tackle top priorities first, then proceed further down the list as time allows.
    • Each month, review the tasks completed and set priorities going forward.

Although your are clearly in the driver seat, our project manager will regularly take temperature of how your solution is performing.

From idea to innovation

You need your projects to land on budget, on time, and on scope. That’s why we’re planners. We use best practices to guide, communicate, and clearly define roles—ours and yours. What makes our process work:

The perfect start

First we need to acquire a solid understanding of the problem you’re trying to solve. We gain this understanding by organising organise one or several workshops with all stakeholders. We consider these workshops a space where ideas and goals our shaped. These sessions also aim to get all our noses in the same direction and assure an optimal start.

In these workshops we transform abstract feature descriptions in actual tasks with our developers. Tasks and functionalities are described, ranked and planned in. While these workshop are not only invaluable at the start of a project, we might gather everyone around the table again further down the line.

Estimating & Planning

Once we have set up a blueprint of the solution together, we estimate and plan the various tasks and rank them by priority. This part is tricky and important.

Estimates are -as the word suggests- estimates. We deliver estimates that are based on our best understanding of the work to be done and our years of professional experience. However, actual work can vary depending on the choices we make together during the design process. A project manager will assure these choices are made in time and in full transparency.

Co-creating together

While we don’t adhere to the Agile method by the letter, we apply our own revised variant of this methodology. It’s an iterative approach to project management and software development that we live by to deliver value to our customers faster and with fewer headaches.

Instead of betting everything on a “big bang” launch, our agile team deliver work in small, but consumable, increments. Requirements, plans, and results are evaluated continuously so teams have a natural mechanism for responding to change quickly.

Orchestrating as we go

You need your projects to land on budget, on time, and on scope. Solid project management is key here. Project managers plan, lead and manage our projects.

The project manager’s tasks include having control over how the project proceeds and being able to implement measures if something goes wrong. Partnering with us implies not only partnering with talented technical consultants, but also with a project manager who orchestrates the project in full transparency.

Own your innovation

Once your solution has passed our testing stage, we carefully plan its rollout. Together we decide which teams need which levels of tailored training and we assist you in managing the improvement this new solution brings to your organization.

Now it’s time to own your innovation and benefit from a smarter way of working thanks the solution we created together. And since you gain full intellectual property claims over the source code, the future of your solution is your hands. You own it.

Major cost reduction due to information now available centrally
Huge reduction in time needed to manage each client or activity
Exped Adventure
Jamie Annetts
Managing Director
"Lesterius were able to take our vague but exciting concept and turn it into user-friendly software and apps that our clients love to use."

Let’s get the conversation started

Meet with one of our consultants to discuss your idea or business needs. Let’s discover together how we can improve and the way you work.

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