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Huge reduction in time needed to manage each client or activity
Exped Adventure

About Exped Adventure

Exped Adventure is a guide-owned expedition company that specialises in adventures at high altitude and in the polar regions. It was started 6 years ago by its original owner and lead guide, Jamie Annetts. Its extremely experienced certified guides form a close-knit team, always excited to learn new things and driven by the idea of overcoming fresh challenges.

The Challenge

Exped Adventure identified an additional potential revenue stream above and beyond the expeditions they were offering, consisting of training programmes to physically and mentally prepare their customers for the extreme conditions they would encounter on their adventures.

To track their customers’ fitness throughout the training programme, Exped Adventure used a number of different platforms, such as Google Sheets and Asana for task tracking; Suunto Movescount for fitness tracking; as well as emails, WhatsApp and face-to-face meetings.

This convoluted data stream frequently led to information being misplaced or forgotten, so Exped Adventure decided to appoint Lesterius UK to streamline this data flow, improving the overall training experience for both the customer and Exped Adventure.

Jamie Annetts
Managing Director
"Lesterius were able to take our vague but exciting concept and turn it into user-friendly software and apps that our clients love to use."

The Path to Success

After a thorough two-day workshop, Lesterius UK and Exped Adventure identified a number of key deliverables, which were split into various phases based on importance and impact on Exped Adventure’s revenue.

To start with, Lesterius developed a web application which served two purposes: first of all to be the central place from which Exped Adventure’s staff can manage all their customers’ activities; and second to act as central data collection point, allowing Exped Adventure’s customers to review tasks, submit forms, download information about expeditions or other activities.

Once the website was completed, Lesterius UK built Exped Adventure’s native Android and iOS mobile apps, allowing clients to access all their fitness and expedition related data in one click.

The Outcome

Since the new web portal (using the FileMaker Workplace Innovation Platform) and mobile app went live, Exped Adventure enjoyed the following benefits:

Huge reduction in time needed to manage each client or activity. No more manual merging of separate strings of information was required;
Major cost reduction due to information now available centrally for all staff and clients, in real-time;
Improved reporting on activities, commercial aspects and completion of tasks thanks to streamlined processing of information;
The website and mobile app allowed Exped Adventure to scale its training programme, thus supporting the company’s growth for years to come.

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