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A solution which included SMS and email notifications, as well as functionality to track and report on project issues
Global Travel Brand

About the client

Lesterius has had the pleasure to work with one of the world’s largest travel brands. Unfortunately we are not allowed to disclose the client’s name, but we can say that this vertically integrated enterprise offers packaged and tailor-made holidays, flights and cruises to over 30 countries. It counts over six million customers in the UK and Ireland, and over 30 million customers worldwide.

The Challenge

The client runs a fleet of more than 60 aircraft on lease. Behind each aircraft lease is an End-of-Lease project consisting in a plan about aircraft issues that need to be completed before the end-of-lease date. The client gets fined heavily if the planes are not returned on time on the end-of-lease date.

With the client relying on emails, Excel spreadsheets and paper forms to manage their end-of-lease programme, issues were often flagged late and projects didn’t get completed on time.

The client approached Lesterius with a request to replace their existing processes with a web-only solution.

As the client had extensive work experience with FileMaker, they were keen to use this platform to solve their latest challenge.

It was important for the client that the solution fulfilled two requirements: first of all, as the project was operationally critical, it had to be delivered in a very timely manner; second, the solution had to be scalable, adapting to the changes the enterprise would go through over time. In other words, the new platform had to allow for regular, incremental updates to improve its functionality and technical capabilities.

Project Owner
Department Lead
“Lesterius delivered a great, high quality solution that exactly fits our needs and - crucially - is scalable, giving us the option to update and change its features as the business evolves.”

The Path to Success

Lesterius used a day-long workshop to review the specifications and the medium to long-term vision together with the client, after which the scope of the project and its key deliverables were finalised.

FileMaker WebDirect was chosen as the best platform for this project, as it’s a web-based solution that allows for speedy building and easy regular updates.

In record time, Lesterius delivered a FileMaker solution which included SMS and email notifications, as well as functionality to track and report on project issues. The various project management teams were now able to easily identify project risks and flag them to management or to the relevant team members.

The Outcome

Lesterius’ web-based solution has proven to be be robust and meeting the client’s expectations. It currently handles more than 20 concurrent projects, with up to 50 users accessing the platform at the same time across multiple browsers and devices.

Since the rollout of the new web solution, the client has been enjoying a number of major benefits:

23% more projects are now completed on time, resulting in a savings of hundreds of thousands of Euros (€) annually;
The time it takes to report an issue with a project has been reduced from a few days to a few minutes;
It is now possible to attribute delays in any project directly to the root cause, leading to further process improvements;

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