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Molthoff streamlines data validation by using a co-created custom app.
Molthoff Fleetmanagement

About the client

Molthoff Fleetmanagement has 18 years of experience in fleet advice and fleet management. Their core business is helping customers with managing their vehicle fleet. They consult their customer on cost recovery, purchasing process, contract management and the administration of their fleet.

Their goal is to help their customers achieve the highest quality at the lowest possible cost. Their services are diverse, but always based on one important principle: complete independence. 

The Challenge

The Molthof team is a strong team of 5 that has been steadily working towards modernizing business practices to increase efficiency. In environment with large quantities of regularly updated data sources, treamlining processes is the key to making sure that everything gets accomplished without missing a beat.

Molthoffs ultimate goal is to eliminate all paper processes. By taking what were manual processes and creating workflows and a custom app that automates repetitive tasks we enabled the Molthoff team to do more strategic work and focus on the customers.

Jeroen Molthoff
“Thanks to our collaboration with Lesterius, we now have a custom solution with the more accurate data then ever before. Our entire team can now entirely focus on helping our clients save time and money."

The Path to Success

Together with our dutch team, under the lead of Roxanna Bindenga, a custom app was developed that the entire Molthoff team can access at any time. The key goal of this tool was to centralise all data validation logic into one unified tool with custom developed algorithms that cut down the manual validation time significantly. 

On a very regular basis, car manufacturers update their pricing and vehicle specifics. Molthoff needs to ensure that their data is always up to date and correct in able to serve their customers best. On top of that, these data sources needs to be validated and in some cases corrected and restructured. Lesterius developed custom algorithms to automate the seven validation phases through which every data import needs to go. In some cases, data needs to be cross-checked and compared to data in government database. For these cases, custom and secure API calls have been integrated to ensure the most up to date data is always used.

The Outcome

All these crucial data manipulation tasks have been fully automated and as a result the processing time of this data has been cut down from one week to one hour. The custom Desktop application is used by the entire staff and is accessible from anywhere with an internet connection.

The processes for data validation and correction which previously took over a week per case to complete, can now be finalised in roughly one hour.
Secondary, the solution also includes a custom designed CRM module which is deeply linked with all data sources now treated automatically.

CEO Jeroen Molthoff wanted to focus on his most important work. He succeeded — by learning co-creating a custom app that has transformed his organization. You can too. Read more about how Lesterius and Claris can help you innovate on our Consultancy page.

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