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Product Type: Apps
Price: Free
Last updated: 05/01/2020
Language: English
The tool you need to implement nice looking progress indicators in FileMaker

Are you struggling with implementing nice looking progress indicators in FileMaker to show the user the status of a task?


FMProgressIndicator is the tool you need to come up with such user interface elements that are also supported on all FileMaker platforms! All it requires of you is some basic knowledge of FileMaker. Knowing your way around Bootstrap will help you in making full use of the styling controls.


Progress indicators?
It’s good practice to give the user some form of feedback when running a lengthy process. In the case of tasks that run longer than 1 second, a progress indicator is the best choice. It sends a signal to the users that your app is still working and performing what it should do.



  • HTML-based progress indicators
  • Configurator to style the indicator to your liking
  • Easy to integrate
  • Cross platform

System requirements:

  • FileMaker Pro 18 to create and style your own progress indicator
  • Compatible with FileMaker Pro 18, Go 18 & WebDirect


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