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The training we give is primarly focused on the Claris FileMaker platform:

  • We have programs for users and for those who want to create solutions, be it at the level of starter, experienced or professional
  • We also offer more specialised training sessions: the use of API’s, learning UX/UI and other topics
  • Lastly in a more personal approach, we offer coaching that combines learning with technical support.
Lesterius Claris FileMaker trainer

Frequently Asked Questions

Please visit our FAQ to see all our answers on the most frequently asked questions about the Lesterius Training sessions.


FileMaker User

During this training day, you learn to work with all the features available to the user of an existing FileMaker app.

You have an overview of the FileMaker platform to better understand the possibilities it offers. In addition to the basics, you can easily work with any FileMaker app and learn how to master the most used features.

FileMaker Fundamentals

During this training day, you have a first introduction to creating an app with FileMaker app. You learn how to design an app, organize the data, provide an interface and allowing users to use it by creating automations. All aspects of creating an app are covered so you have a good overview.

By providing an understanding of the different areas related to the development of a FileMaker app, this training also allows you to assess your desire to pursue developer training and / or the knowledge necessary to support an internal or external development project.

FileMaker Developer

During these two days of training, you learn to independently develop a fully fledged FileMaker app.

You first tackle advanced data modeling. Then, through step-by-step development exercises, you develop an increasingly efficient system by manipulating all the model objects. You will create complex automations using scripts, calculations, value lists and models.

At the end of this training session, you will have knowledge which will allow you to continue your self-learning through research and practice.

FileMaker Problem Solver

No more old school! During these two days of training, you learn to become a real expert in the development of FileMaker apps by cementing your knowledge with a solid use case. As a team, you design and build a functional app based on an expression of needs.

Your trainer is in turn your client and your coach. He expresses his expectations in his language and then guides you to help you push your limits. It’s up to you to analyze the request and then design a solution and create the app that will perfectly meet their needs and objectives.

FileMaker User Experience

During this training day, you will learn how to improve interface design and the user experience of your FileMaker apps by placing the user’s needs and expectations at the heart of your thinking.

We will base ourselves on the principles and methodology of user-centered design and give you tips to avoid mistakes and lay the foundations for a successful user experience design.

FileMaker Mobile Apps

FileMaker Go lets you run your FileMaker apps on iPad and iPhone. We teach you how to develop and make your FileMaker apps mobile with particular attention to design and ergonomics.

FileMaker JSON, RESTful API and Data API

During these two days training, you have an introduction to the basics of HTTP, JSON data structure and cURL options. You will learn how to use external RESTful APIs as well as that of FileMaker Server.

You learn how to query data from, or to send data to FileMaker. At the end of this session, you will be able to exchange data via RESTful APIs.

The first day will focus mainly on theory with practical exercises. The second day will focus on putting it into practice by using different Web Services and integrating them into FileMaker apps.


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A coach can help you

We are happy to assist our customers, both developers starting out and those with more experience.We coach them on certain topics, we learn about their projects with them and help them where necessary. Our most experienced developers and our entire network are at your disposal.

In-Company Training

An in-company training program is specifically designed for employees of a single organisation. You determine where the training is held, whether it is at an external site, in our offices or in your offices, and we determine the date together.

Referenced on Datadock

Lesterius is referenced on Datadock, the brand new platform enabling financiers of continuing professional education to ensure the quality of our training actions.