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2 Days Course

FileMaker JSON, RESTful API and Data API

During these two days of training, You will be introduced to the basics of HTTP, JSON data structure and cURL options. You will learn how to use external RESTful APIs as well as that of FileMaker Server.

You learn how to query data from, or to send data to FileMaker. At the end of this session, you will be able to exchange data via RESTful APIs.

The first day will focus mainly on theory with practical exercises. The second day will focus on putting it into practice by using different Web Services and integrating them into FileMaker apps.

Target Group

This training is intended for those with experience in using FileMaker, who wish to communicate with RESTful APIs in their FileMaker apps and integrate them within other technologies using the FileMaker Data API.

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  • Learn what a RESTful API is and how to use it
  • Learn to work with and use the FileMaker Data API
  • Introduction to JSON, cURL and HTTP
  • Integrate web service in a FileMaker app
  • Make use of the FileMaker Data API


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Bart Van Baren
Business Unit Manager - The Netherlands
FileMaker Certified Developer
Joost Kingma
Digital Transformation Consultant
FileMaker Certified Developer
Adrian Pellus Quesada
Project Manager
Senior FileMaker Consultant & Project Manager
Edgar Pinho Rodrigues
Business Unit Manager
FileMaker Certified Developer
Loïc Eeckhout
IT Manager / Digital Transformation Consultant
FileMaker Certified Developer


What is a RESTful API?

  • Introduction to the HTTP methods GET, POST, PUT, and DELETE
  • The JSON interchange format

The JSON FileMaker functions

  • How to extract data from JSON
  • How to generate JSON

Make HTTP requests from FileMaker

  • Using the Insert from URL script step
  • Using cURL options via the Insert from URL script step

Security functions for exchanged data

  • Encryption and decryption functions
  • Hash functions
  • Binary / Base64 data conversion functions

Best practices

  • Integration with external RESTful APIs, for example:
    • Validation of a VAT number,
    • Google Translate,
    • Google Geolocation,
    • File transfer, etc.
  • FileMaker Data API integration

FileMaker Data API

  • Functionalities
  • FileMaker Server configuration
  • Configuration of a FileMaker app
  • Use of FileMaker Data API


You do not have to be an expert, but it is advisable to have followed the “FileMaker Developer” training. We assume that each participant masters the different components of FileMaker, and has knowledge of web techniques.

What’s next?

assignments tailored to your specific needs.

There is no follow-up course planned for this highly specific content but we are available for individual coaching assignments to give your technical skills a boost.

In practice

This training is given at our place, or at your place. A training day is from 9:30 a.m. until 4:30 p.m.

We can get a computer available to you, or you can bring your own laptop with a current FileMaker Pro version installed.

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