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1 Day Course

FileMaker Mobile Apps

During this training session you will learn how to design, create and deploy a FileMaker mobile app for iOS devices (Apple iPhone and iPad).

We’ll cover user interface (UI) and user experience (UX) techniques specific to developing a mobile app on FileMaker Go.

We will make the scripts, functions and model objects compatible for mobile use. We will learn how to deploy our mobile app with iOS App SDK from FileMaker and the Mobile App Builder from myFMbutler.

Target Group

You want to independently make an existing FileMaker app accessible to mobile users or develop a new specific solution for FileMaker Go.
You want to know the techniques for UI / UX design, creation and deployment of a FileMaker mobile app.

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  • You learn how to design, create and deploy a FileMaker mobile app;
  • You learn to design a practical, aesthetic pleasing and easy-to-use mobile app, by applying UI / UX design techniques;
  • You learn to develop functions and write Scripts (script steps, script triggers) necessary for mobile apps;
  • You’ll see the different types of app deployment.


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Bart Van Baren
Business Unit Manager - The Netherlands
FileMaker Certified Developer
Adrian Pellus Quesada
Project Manager
Senior FileMaker Consultant & Project Manager
Pedro Gallego Tortosa
Business Unit Manager
Edgar Pinho Rodrigues
Business Unit Manager
FileMaker Certified Developer
Loïc Eeckhout
IT Manager / Digital Transformation Consultant
FileMaker Certified Developer


FileMaker Go

  • Short introduction
  • Compatibility of script actions
  • Specific script triggers
  • Specific calculation functions

Design of a mobile app

  • Advanced techniques in UI / UX design
  • Mobile user guide: do’s and don’ts

Creation of a mobile app

  • Model animations and transitions
  • Management of iOS probes / sensors
  • Location function
  • Configuration of zone monitoring
  • Configuring local notifications
  • Signature management
  • Barcode scanning

Deploying a mobile app

  • Introduction to FileMaker’s iOS App SDK
  • Introduction to Xcode
  • Introduction to myFMbutler’s Mobile App Builder
  • Introduction to mobile device management
  • FileMaker Developer Subscription information
  • Apple Developer Program Information
  • Information about developer certificates for signing apps


You don’t have to be a FileMaker expert, but it is recommended that you have completed the “FileMaker Developer” training. We assume that each participant masters the different components of FileMaker. During the training, the trainers accompany the trainees, help them overcome all their difficulties by answering their questions and facilitate mutual assistance between trainees.

What’s next?

This is specialized training for which no specific follow-up is planned. You can of course further deepen other skills or choose the option of personalized coaching.

In practice

This training is given at our place, or at your place. A training day is from 9:30 a.m. until 4:30 p.m.

We can provide a computer for you, or you can bring your own Apple Mac laptop with a current FileMaker Pro version and Xcode installed.

Lesterius Claris FileMaker trainer