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1 Day Course

FileMaker User

During this one-day training session you will learn how to work with all the basic functions of an existing FileMaker Pro Advanced application.

Moreover, you will get an overview of the FileMaker products and you will learn the relationship between those different products. Providing a better view of the possibilities of every solution.

In addition to the basic principles, the focus is on the ability to easily work with any FileMaker Pro Advanced application and control the most commonly used features.

380 €
Target Group

This session is intended for people who have little or no knowledge about the use of FileMaker and want to use their databases intensively.

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  • Learn how to work easily with FileMaker Pro Advanced
  • Manage the basic functions of FileMaker Pro Advanced
  • Get to know the menus and the buttons
  • Easily create, edit and share data


Select Course Language Date/Time Location Price Book
FileMaker User French 24/08/2020 | 9:00 am Paris 380€ Book
FileMaker User Spanish 09/09/2020 | 9:00 am Barcelona 300€ Book
FileMaker User Nederlands 15/09/2020 | 9:30 am Almere 380€ Book
FileMaker User Nederlands 17/09/2020 | 9:30 am Gent 380€ Book
FileMaker User French 05/10/2020 | 9:00 am Paris 380€ Book


Loïc Eeckhout
Business Unit Manager België & FileMaker Consultant
FileMaker 18 Certified Developer
Lucie Guilbert
Adrian Pellus Quesada
Project Manager
Senior FileMaker Consultant & Project Manager
Bart Van Baren
Business Unit Manager / FileMaker Consultant
FileMaker 18 Certified Developer
Pedro Gallego Tortosa
Business Unit Manager


The FileMaker platform

  • The product range
  • Compatibility between FileMaker versions
  • Examples of FileMaker apps

FileMaker interface

  • Open an app
  • Manage your own apps
  • The FileMaker Pro Browse interface, menus, windows, etc

Manage data

  • The display modes: form, list and table
  • Templates
  • Records
  • Use and edit data

Search and sort

  • Define search criteria
  • Development and limitations on a found set of records
  • Operators in search criteria
  • Sort records

Import / export data

  • Convert Excel-files
  • Import Excel-files
  • Export to Excel-files
  • Export PDF-files


  • Network sharing
  • Open FileMaker files


General practical experience with office applications, such as a word processor or a spreadsheet, minimal knowledge about working with a computer.

What’s next?

If you wish to broaden your knowledge about FileMaker, we recommend that you follow the training “FileMaker Fundamentals“. This is a one-day training course that explores the various aspects of development with the FileMaker platform.

In practice

This training is given at our place, or at the client’s site. A training day is from 9:30 a.m. until 4:30 p.m.

We can provide a computer for you, or you can bring your own laptop with a current FileMaker Pro version installed.

This training session is the first in our series of training courses. You can combine this training with « FileMaker Fundamentals », so that you can combine both into a two-day training course.
It is also possible to follow each training session separately.