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To help you discover Lesterius and the Workplace Innovation Platform of Claris, we have a regular offer of live and webinar presentations, from our offices or elsewhere. We also participate in events, where we give key speeches.

By participating, you’ll quickly discover the new technologies and how we can put them to good use for your specific situation. You’ll also learn how to use them efficiently.
The list of events below should guide you to make easy use of our offer.

Claris Engage 2020

Engage 2020 will be a new experience with 25 year old roots. The event we used to call “DevCon” has always been the way to communicate, learn, and connect with each other – all things now more important than ever. While going virtual this year means we’re not in the same room and we’ll have to share coffee, stories, and smiles through video, it also means we get to share the experience with those who couldn’t travel for our in-person conference. And with no hotel ballrooms needed, it also means we can make the event free (more on that later). So more than ever, we hope to see the entire Claris Community join us this year!

What to expect from Claris Engage 2020

Our goal is a virtual experience capturing the spirit and value of our premier annual conference. As always, expect exciting announcements, technology deep-dives, and thought leadership from Claris and community leaders:

  • Attend compelling keynotes, engaging panel discussions, in-depth product sessions, and networking events.
  • Connect with Claris leadership and technical experts.
  • Reconnect with friends and peers … and meet new friends in social distancing safety.
  • And for months after the event, explore Claris Engage 2020 on-demand sessions in Claris Academy — event recordings plus a broader library of technical and business sessions presented by community experts. Sessions will be posted on a rolling schedule following the live event so you can enjoy them at your own pace.

Here’s how to … Engage

First, Claris 2020 is absolutely free. You’ll want to register since some sessions have limited space, but there is no registration fee. More details:

  • Save the dates: August 4 – 5, 2020 from 9:00am – 4:00pm PDT.
  • Browse the complete schedule and speaker bios on a new Claris Engage page. We’ll post it in the Claris Community on July 10.
  • Sign-up for sessions starting on July 10. Use your Claris Community login to reserve your spot (space is limited for some sessions, so sign up early!).
  • Follow the Claris Engage topic to receive event updates.
  • Participate in discussions about Engage.
  • Access Claris Academy and on-demand content.

Stay up to date on the latest information on the official Claris Engage Community page

Virtual and global

Another benefit of a virtual event? We get to welcome our entire global community. We’re also planning regional virtual events for our European, Asia-Pacific, and Japanese communities this fall, so you can participate in time zones and languages you prefer. Regional schedules and details come out following Engage.

Join us

We’re so excited to share a new conference with you this summer. While a virtual conference may never replace the power of being together in-person, we’re committed to an event that reminds you of what we all loved about DevCon. We believe the energy of our community, creativity, and connection transcends distance. And we have a hunch you’ve gotten pretty good at connecting with people over video! I can’t wait to meet you “outside the keynote” over coffee — when we log-in and engage once again.

See you there!

Gianine Campbell
Manager, Community Relations

Escape the work rut with the world’s leading Workplace Innovation Platform together with Lesterius

Build apps like a boss

Take on digital transformation with Claris FileMaker. Quickly build custom apps that solve your business problems, today — and tomorrow. Accelerate your business, unlock your team’s creative potential, and drive for better outcomes.

As Claris FileMaker experts, we would like to invite you to learn what Claris FileMaker could mean for your business.

Get to know Lesterius, discover the leading Workplace Innovation Platform from Claris, and let us explain what you and your organisation can achieve with it and its available tools!

FileMaker User - online training

During this 6 hour online training you will learn how to work with all the basic functions of an existing FileMaker Pro Advanced application.
Moreover, you will get an overview of the FileMaker products and you will learn to know the relationship between those different products. This will allow you to get a better idea of the possibilities of every solution.

In addition to the basic principles, the focus will be on your ability to easily work with any FileMaker Pro Advanced application and control the most commonly used functions.

In practice

  • Learn how to work easily with FileMaker Pro Advanced
  • Manage the basic functions of FileMaker Pro Advanced
  • Get to know the menus and the buttons
  • Easily create, edit and share data

What you will need to attend this training

  • FileMaker Pro 18 installed on Windows or macOS (demo or complete version)
  • A high speed internet connection.

Goal audience
This session is intended for people who have little or no knowledge about the use of FileMaker Pro Advanced.

General practical experience with office applications, such as a word processor or a spreadsheet, minimal knowledge about working with a computer.

FileMaker Fundamentals - online training

During this 6 hour online training you will get an introduction into the development of a FileMaker Pro Advanced application. You will learn to configure a simple database application, and how to add a graphical interface. All basic principles are covered.
The focus is on the use of layout objects.
As a novice developer, you master the basic principles of database configuration, adjustments to tables, fields, layouts and reports.

In practice

  • Convert Excel files to FileMaker databases
  • Create and configure a database solution
  • Configure your application and create tables and fields
  • Create a simple interface

What you will need to attend this training

  • FileMaker Pro 18 advanced installed on Windows or macOS (demo or complete version)
  • A high speed internet connection.

Goal audience
This training is intended for people who want to make a simple solution in FileMaker Pro Advanced. Alternatively, those who would like to implement some simple, functional changes to their own FileMaker Pro Advanced application. Lastly, individuals who want a better understand how their FileMaker application is built, but who have no ambition to become a FileMaker developer.

To participate in this training, you must at least be able to work with the basic functions of FileMaker Pro Advanced.