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We got something to say

Co-creation is the main pillar of Lesterius. So we share our knowledge.

We are enthusiastic about the technology we use and we like to talk about our experiences with it. Here you can find tips and tricks, and sometimes some information about ourselves.

News from the Swedish front!


Create nice looking progress elements in FileMaker easily with the FMProgressIndicator

Claris FileMaker

Lesterius and Atatiki join forces

Corporate News

FMDataMigration for the FileMaker Data Migration Tool

Claris FileMaker

How I integrated myFMApiLibrary for PHP with Symfony 3.4

Web technologies

Importing data in a FileMaker database from a “flat file”

Claris FileMaker

myFMApiLibrary for Javascript, one library to rule them all, again

Web technologies

Creating more gender-inclusive solutions

Claris FileMaker

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