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Lesterius and Atatiki join forces

Ghent, Belgium | 27 February 2020

Lesterius becomes a major player in FileMaker-based solutions for businesses

Today, Lesterius and Atatiki, two major IT companies, join forces. The new group becomes the biggest European partner to deliver solutions for companies, based on Claris FileMaker technology, the leading Workplace Innovation Platform. The new Lesterius has now subsidiaries in 8 European countries (Belgium, France, the Netherlands, Norway, Portugal, Spain, Sweden, and United-Kingdom).

Lesterius has a history that goes back 20+ years and is a Platinum Partner of Claris, the company who created the FileMaker platform. Lesterius is a team of creative consultants in business IT, who assist companies in their digital journey, by co-creating FileMaker-based solutions. We optimize business processes, together with our clients, with IT-solutions that answer directly to the specific needs of the users and that can be easily implemented. On top of that, Lesterius provides training and hosting services related to all aspects of FileMaker.

The combination of Lesterius and Atatiki creates one of the biggest designers of FileMaker-based solutions, in the world. Why is this good for our clients? “The need for our solutions is expanding rapidly. The market is also changing at a pace never seen before. Therefor a bigger, stronger company is needed to be able to always offer the best know-how in digital transformation. Lesterius can now support a wide range of companies in search for higher efficiency and competitiveness,” said Olivier Devriese, Sales & Marketing Manager at Lesterius.

The choice of Lesterius and Atatiki to join forces is a logical one. Both are experts in FileMaker-based solutions, and are present in different countries. We can now offer services all over Europe, with over fifty specialized consultants, who are the bridge between the needs of our clients and the best technological possibilities. This is what we mean by co-creation: our consultants work together with the client to make absolutely sure our solutions are fit to purpose.

Journalists can call for more information to:
Frank Steyaert, CEO,
Olivier Devriese, Sales & Marketing Manager.

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