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Keep full control with our Co-Managed Hosting offer

FileMaker Co-managed hosting assures you that you retain full control over the infrastructure of your FileMaker Solution.

Whether the solution is hosted in-house or in a data center we can assist you with the same quality and security as we can offer in our own hosting platform.

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Everything you need to know about Co-Managed Hosting

We manage your server at your preferred location

Your application is run mainly in-house, or in your preferred data center, but you still want a professionally supported solution. You want the assurance provided by knowing that your entire infrastructure will remain within your own organisation. Are you looking for someone who can set up and manage this for you?

Lesterius can offer you this service.

Many of our customers prefer to keep their apps in-house or keep full control over the FileMaker Server. They want a professional and reliable solution and someone to guide them through the setup and management of their server.

Our consultants will assess your needs and work with you to decide exactly what needs to be purchased. They will also configure the entire setup. We can also take care of the management and maintenance of the servers, providing you with a reliable and professional in-house solution.


  • You keep full control over your hosted solution
  • Data stays in-house
  • Faster access to applications within the local environment
  • You can also access your data and applications from mobile devices
  • Management is in the hands of a professional that can also offer you additional services
  • Backups can be stored internally or, if desired, handled by an external service

SSL Certificates

For security reasons, your own SSL certificate is mandatory on a FileMaker Server, even on an internal network. We offer validated and trusted SSL Certificates from Digicert and Sectigo, starting at €99,95 per year.

We configure, update and maintain your SSL certificate on your FileMaker Server.

FileMaker Server Installation

We recommend a configuration that fit your needs, and assist you with the entire setup.

Every FileMaker solution is different, and every installation is different. Do you need third party software like plug-ins? Do you need a multi-user machine? Do you need a development or user acceptance server? In every situation we provide a customised offer for you.

A typical installation includes:

  • Installation and Configuration of FileMaker Server
  • Installation of your SSL Certificate
  • Configuration of your backup plan
  • Improving the TLS/Security of your server


We have many years experience monitoring multiple FileMaker Servers in our own managed hosting platform, using industry standard services and custom monitoring tools specifically written for FileMaker Server.

We monitor several data points on your FileMaker Server.

Next to this, we can monitor the availability of your FileMaker Server from several data centers world wide.

How does it work?

We install monitoring software on your FileMaker Server. This software sends information to the monitoring service every minute.

When an alert is send, the hosting support team will contact you during office hours and asks if you need assistance.

When you need further assistance, service credits will be used for the time needed to solve the problem. Service credits can be ordered in a bundle of 12 credits or 24 credits. Interventions will be calculated as 1 credit for 1 to 15 minutes.

FileMaker Server monitoring costs €45/Month/Server.

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