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The vision of co-creation goes to Germany

“I like to listen to our clients, find out the way they work, discover the motivation behind their requests, and then work hand in hand towards a solution that makes their operations more efficient, faster, and enjoyable.”

Adrian Nier is the new partner in Lesterius, and brings the vision of Lesterius to Germany: Co-creating the digital transformation with FileMaker, for and with our clients.

“In my experience, when you can reduce the number of clicks that a person performs to complete their task from 20 to 1 or 2, you improve their wellbeing, and in turn the prosperity of the company they work for.”

For Adrian, the FileMaker-platform with its rapid development environment is key to human centricity. It’s more cost-efficient and easier to adapt to the client. The process of going from a requirement to a solution is faster, allowing more interaction with all stakeholders.

Germany is the ninth country where Lesterius is based, after Portugal, Spain, France, the UK, Belgium, the Netherlands, Sweden and Norway. Out of Nuremberg, Adrian will work with nearly two hundred existing clients (developers and end-users), in cooperation with the existing Lesterius consultants, spread around the other offices.

Where does he want to be in five years?
“I want to build a strong team of developers and consultants, working in the spirit of progress for our clients. Both ambitious in their technical goals and socially minded at the same time, so that we can contribute to a better world and a better society.”

Lesterius will have the same offer in Germany as elsewhere, including also hosting, training, coaching, sharing know-how internally and with partners.

Adrian Nier has two decades of experience as a developer, working side by side with his clients, in search of efficient and beautiful solutions. From an early age he discovered his love of Apple products and FileMaker as a tool that keeps improving with new features that make life easier for developers. He’s proud to join Lesterius, one of the many driving forces in the Claris-community that helped bring those features to FileMaker.

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