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Developer Notes

Bryan Wats
Sign contracts with confidence (Evidos & Lesterius Partnership)

Since the early days of computer automation, less paper would be used. Lesterius delivers on this promise, by building solutions that empower clients with the right information at the right time. We figure out together, how to get the job done more easily and with less errors. Piles of paper or letters to be scanned (or faxed) are not the answer. It takes too long and taxes the environment. Instead, we are experts in leveraging the Claris FileMaker platform. This way, we transform your business into the digital age.

But what if there are legal contracts to be signed, you might ask? Can the Claris FileMaker platform do that?

Contrary to popular believe, FileMaker is not a system by itself anymore. It will integrate with other computer systems online, which can make your solution so much more meaningful. Today, Lesterius has partnered with Evidos, to allow our customers to further eliminate paper work from their workflow. Evidos allows to digitally sign legally binding contracts with confidence. Lesterius makes this work seamlessly from FileMaker.

Who is Evidos?

The name Evidos is derived from “Evidence in Online Services”. Based in The Netherlands,  they are rolling out their product throughout Europe. This not only means localised software, but a local team is ready to assist and further develop the product based on local opportunities. Evidos has agreements with local authorities like government agencies, banks etc. to enable identification of the signer. Have your contracts signed with confidence of who signs what, where and when.

Why Evidos?

There are other services that enable to sign a document digitally. Adobe PDFSign and DocuSign are such examples. The latter will integrate with FileMaker through both API and Claris Connect. Claris Connect allows for integration with internet services with minimal scripting. Lesterius can do this for you, if you wish. However, both lack signer identification like Evidos has and DocuSign might require a FM Connect subscription. This is mainly economical when using multiple integrations. Moreover, Evidos offers different pricing plans based on your needs. The entry-level pricing is much lower. Depending on your business rules, a Lesterius digital transformation consultant will propose the right service for your needs and make signing work.

How does it generally work?

Evidos provides a great introduction video which you can watch here.

Based on information already present in your FileMaker solution, the administrator can generate one or a set of documents to be signed. These will have special “moustache”-tags, to designate where will be signed by the contractor and/or your representative(s). Lesterius can help create these documents any way they have to look. Files already present outside FileMaker can be made to work, also.

With the document in place, the FileMaker interface allows to set all relevant options. When set, the file is then uploaded to the Evidos server by the click of a button. Evidos sends the file / contract / agreement to be signed. The signer will be guided through the entire process and can see his / her progress. After proof reading, the user is presented with selected verification methods. Signing in the box as one would do normally with a pen is possible, but not required. In this case, a tabled or iPhone would be convenient. After successful completion, you are notified and the signed document is placed in FileMaker. Evidos will retain your documents no longer than required.

Branding is part of the options and is done in the Evidos web interface. Passport verification is a separate product.


Interested to take the next step of the digital transformation of your work flow? You will work more environmentally friendly and work will become easier. Lesterius consultants throughout Europe will be happy to help.

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