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2 Days Course

FileMaker Problem Solver

No more old school! During these two days of training, you learn to become a real expert in the development of FileMaker apps by cementing your knowledge with a solid use case. As a team, you design and build a functional app based on an expression of needs.

Your trainer is in turn your client and your coach. He expresses his expectations in his language and then guides you to help push your limits. It’s up to you to analyze the request and then design a solution and create the app that will perfectly meet their needs and objectives.

This is how you approach all aspects of the FileMaker platform (FileMaker Pro Advanced, FileMaker Go and FileMaker Server). But also, beyond the technique, you bring an adapted answer and solve a problem similar to what you will have to solve in real life.

Program structure

Analyse the client’s problems

  • Talk to the client in order to get to know his expectations
  • Evaluate the technical questions
  • Understand and translate the final goal
  • Imagine yourself as the user

Create an application in group

  • Follow the customer’s scenarios
  • Create a graphical and functional user layouts
  • Secure the application
  • Prepare the application for use in a network

Present the final application

  • To the client (the trainer)
  • To the other attendees
Target Group

You want to independently develop a fully fledged FileMaker app.

Is this session for you?

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  • You learn to become a real expert in developing FileMaker apps by cementing your knowledge with a solid use case
  • As a team, you design and build a functional app based on an expression of needs
  • Learn how to approach all aspects of developing with the FileMaker platform (FileMaker Pro Advanced, FileMaker Go and FileMaker Server)
  • You become proficient in the design, creation and deployment of FileMaker apps


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Kevin Van den Brande
Digital Transformation Consultant & Trainer
FileMaker Certified Developer
Edgar Pinho Rodrigues
Business Unit Manager
FileMaker Certified Developer
Loïc Eeckhout
IT Manager / Digital Transformation Consultant
FileMaker Certified Developer
Bart Van Baren
Business Unit Manager - The Netherlands
FileMaker Certified Developer
Pedro Gallego Tortosa
Business Unit Manager


The data

  • Create a chart with entity relationships
  • How to use container fields
  • Use of complex relationships

The interface

  • Use layout objects
  • The styles for fields and value lists
  • Special layout objects
  • Advanced formulas

The calculations

  • Contextual calculations
  • Text functions
  • Date- and time- functions
  • Logical functions
  • Mobile functions
  • Container functions
  • Statistical functions
  • The personalised functions

Writing scripts

  • The script tools
  • Activate scripts
  • The personalised menus
  • Use scripts to find data
  • The use of windows
  • Repeating techniques

Generate reports

  • Write reports
  • Create graphs
  • Reports with related tables
  • executeSQL and virtual lists


  • Create users and rights
  • Define privileges
  • Limited deletion of data.
  • Limited data access
  • Advanced security and encryption

Putting into use

  • FileMaker Server
  • Configuration and maintenance
  • Save databases
  • FileMaker Server Scripts
  • FileMaker WebDirect

The integration

  • Possible FileMaker Pro integrations
  • Integrate with web services


  • FileMaker Go
  • Synchronise
  • The script functions and actions
  • FileMaker WebDirect
  • Design a mobile app, UI/UX
  • Deployment of a mobile app


This training is accessible to people who have followed the « FileMaker Developer » training, or for people who have very good knowledge of the FileMaker platform.

What’s next?

This is the most advanced training that you can follow to learn programming in FileMaker. However, you can go further into developing in FileMaker by following specialised training such as « Mobile FileMaker App training » or « JSON – RESTful API – FileMaker Data API ».
We can also help you with FileMaker coaching / consultancy sessions.

In practice

This training is given at our place, or at your place. A training day is from 9:30 a.m. until 4:30 p.m.

We can supply a computer for you, or you can bring your own laptop with a current FileMaker Pro version installed.

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