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Andreas Lauwaert
ProgramDesign joins the Lesterius Group.

Although this year has been challenging, we are happy to be able to close it off with a some exciting news. On the back of consistent efforts and investments this last year we are thrilled to announce that the Norwegian consultancy Firm ProgramDesign has joined the Lesterius Group.

Oslo will harbour our tenth office alongside Brussels, Stockholm, Paris, Gent, Barcelona, Lisbon, London, Alicante and Almere.

The Oslo office will support both local and global clients and channel partners. The Norway operations will be headed by Bjørn Haugland who has more than 20 years of experience in the FileMaker Community and as a business consultant. Bjørn comes to Lesterius through the merger with his firm ProgramDesign, and will be the Business Unit Manager for our Oslo office.

The Norway office will be supported in its endeavours by our expanding European team. Expect Bjorn and our entire team to engage projects across the continent, helping our partners understand, control and amplify the way their organisation and teams work.

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